Our Projects

Presented below are some of our flagship projects and valued clients. This list only provides a microcosm of the range of our portfolio, capabilities, skills and services across all sectors relevant to engineering, management and development consultancy.

We continue to endeavour in expanding our services and adding to our project portfolio, keeping our clients’ interests foremost, in our bid to remain their consultant of choice.

1410MW Tarbela 4th Extension HPP

MMP was proud to play a lead role on this project of national significance. As part of a consortium of consultants on this World Bank-funded assignment, our major responsibilities included preparation of detailed engineering design, construction design and supervision, project management and supervision, including environmental and social studies.

1410MW Tarbela 5th Extension HPP

Our primary tasks included preparation of feasibility studies, scoping study, tender design, PQ documents, bidding documents, PC-1, and project cost analysis on this World Bank-funded assignment – another feather in our burgeoning cap of services rendered on a crucial power sector project in Pakistan!

Consultancy Services on 4,500MW Diamer-Basha Dam Project

In 2020, MMP gained nationwide recognition by signing one of Pakistan’s most historic consultancy agreements as part of a JV consortium for the Diamer-Basha Dam. Services will include construction design, construction supervision and contract administration.

The completion of the dam would increase the country’s storage capacity from 30 to 48 days, and make power generation facilities an attractive future investment by the private sector by adding 4,500MW of additional electricity to the national grid. History in the making for MMP, thereby cementing its status as one of the key players in the hydropower sector!

870MW Suki Kinari HPP

On this important power sector assignment, MMP, as part of an international consortium of consultants, is involved in the design review – consisting of a review of both the project design and construction drawings; and project management – consisting of: review of construction plans, detailed specifications and schedules; construction supervision; quality assurance and quality control; health, safety and environmental control; verification of contractor’s invoices and contract management.

7200MW Bunji HPP

Another vital hydropower project, our services on this assignment ranged from the provision of feasibility studies and detailed engineering design to geological investigations and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment reports – thus showcasing our spectrum of capabilities.

Kurram Tangi Dam Project

As part of the construction supervision deliverables, our consortium rendered a detailed proposal for the scope of construction work to be carried out. Our main task on this project was to supervise construction of the civil works, the manufacture, supply and installation of mechanical / electrical equipment, and contract management to ensure the project’s successful completion.

600x2 MW Jamshoro Coal Power Generation Project

Our provision of services is divided into two phases: the implementation phase, which includes data collection, capacity building, due diligence, preparation of bidding documents, tendering procedure and bid evaluation, supervision of works and projects management among other tasks, and the operation phase.

213MW HUBCO Power Project

MMP performed the role of Owner’s Engineer for the design vetting and construction supervision on this project, which was successfully completed and supplied much-needed power to the NTDC system to overcome its shortage.


MMP provided services including feasibility studies, preparation of PC-1 and tender documents, and construction supervision on the imported thermal power projects on an EPC basis at the industrial estates of Sunder in Lahore and M-3 Industrial City Faisalabad.

220MW Korangi Thermal Power Station – Extension Project

In 2007, to overcome Karachi’s severe power shortfall, KESC planned to increase the power generation capability of the Korangi Thermal Power Station by installing additional generators. MMP, in association with MML, was engaged as Owner’s Engineer to provide project management consultancy for the development of 220 MW CCPP at the Korangi Thermal power plant. The scope of services also included vetting of the contractor’s design, contract administration and construction supervision.

KESC’s 560MW Bin Qasim Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant

To implement KESC’s plan to develop a 560MW combined cycle power generation plant within the premises of the existing Bin Qasim Thermal Power Plant, MMP in association with MML, was hired as Owner’s Engineer to prepare Project Specific Guidelines (Tenders) to invite prospective EPC bidders, evaluate EPC bids and assist in award of EPC contract with M/s Harbin Power Engineering (HPE) China.

Guddu Barrage Rehabilitation & Modernisation

MMP has been involved in providing construction supervision services for Guddu Barrage’s rehabilitation, including, overall quality control and project management, quality assurance system, design review and construction drawings, construction supervision and management of contracts. Also inspection and control of construction activities, material, equipment and acceptance tests, environmental management plan, and social development action plan.

Jinnah Barrage Rehabilitation & Modernisation

Our services on this World Bank-funded assignment included detailed design of the selected structure with complete drawings, social and environmental assessment, preparation of project estimates, reports and economic analyses, development of TORs for supervision consultants, and design of capacity building activities.

Management of Hill Torrents in CRBC Area

MMP provided design review, construction supervision and social mobilisation services on Vehowo Hill Torrent (Package-A); Kaura Hill Torrent (Package-B); and Sanghar Hill Torrent (Package-C). We were assigned to review the design given by TA Consultants, produce construction drawings and supervise construction works as per specifications and drawings.

LBDC Project

Financed by the ADB and the Govt. of Punjab, our consortium provided the following services: detailed design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision of all civil works necessary to rehabilitate and upgrade the Balloki Barrage, and LBDC and its distribution system. The rehabilitation and upgrade of the LBDC included the main off-take channels: Gugera Branch Canal; Sahiwal Pakpattan Link; Kassowal Escape and the KFS Feeder; and a distribution system comprising over 75 distributaries and minors.

Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project (WSIP)

MMP has been providing project management consultancy services on this all-important assignment. Our services include: institutional reforms; condition, topographic, geological and other surveys; prioritising, ranking and planning rehabilitation works; detailed designs; cost estimates and benefits and economic analysis; Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Plan; Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan; Water Accounting and Management System; contract management and construction supervision; and capacity building.

Preparation of Master Plan for Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage System for Lahore

WASA Lahore engaged a consortium of consultants led by MMP to prepare the Master Plan with a 25-year planning horizon and identification / prioritisation of the project. This included provision of physical infrastructure including water supply, sewerage, storm water drainage and waste water treatment with detailed designing and costing to meet the present and future requirements for efficient and effective service delivery. Our team also assessed the existing infrastructure and proposed rehabilitation and expansion, including reviewing the regularity framework. The tariff structure was also reviewed and a sound MIS-based financial management system was introduced.

Bulk Water Supply Islamabad

The need for a new and reliable water source for Islamabad has been recognised since the turn of the century to reconcile the municipal demand for water use. The feasibility to procure water from reservoirs for this project was conducted for the first time by MMP in 2005. It was planned that surface water would be inducted from the Tarbela Dam reservoir, from where raw water will be pumped to the proposed elevated site of the Water Treatment Plant. The treated water will be transmitted under gravity through transmission mains to water service reservoirs for distribution to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Besides exploring additional sources for water supply, MMP is also preparing Water and Wastewater Master Plans for Islamabad, as it is imperative to assess the conditions of the existing system and improve the network.

Rawalpindi Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Our services on this assignment included rehabilitation and improvement of Rawal Lake treatment plant; rehabilitation of main conductance and existing tube-wells; installation of new tube-wells and meters; rehabilitation of priority areas sewerage system; hydrogeological study; Rawalpindi Lake catchment study; master plan for sewage and drainage; and preparation of development package for the next phase.

Consultancy Services for Construction of Surface Water Treatment Plant

MMP provided consultancy services for the construction of 100 Cusecs (54 MGD) surface water treatment plant from BRBD Canal upstream of Ravi Syphon in Lahore. The project involved intake structure at escape channel of BRBD Canal, pre-sedimentation tanks, flocculation and clarification chambers, clarifiers, rapid gravity filter beds, clear water tank, ground storage tank, chlorination room, admin building, residential building and internal roads. It also included laying of transmission main of 60” dia. ductile iron pipe from SWTP to the underground tanks of the four serving areas, construction of four underground tanks, rising mains and 23 overhead reservoirs.

Consultancy Services for Sindh Cities Improvement Programme (SCIP) – 4

MMP provided consultancy services for mapping, planning, preparation of feasibility studies, detailed design and supervision for SCIP-4. Water supply system mapping was conducted for six towns in Northern Sindh.  Sewerage and drainage design, environmental and social safeguards documentation, procurement documents preparation, project management, and quality control feasibility studies were some of the other major aspects of the assignment.

Pakistan National Transport Policy

To address Pakistan’s transport policy issues, the Pakistan Government (GoP) requested the ADB to provide Capacity Development Technical Assistance (CDTA) for this project to meet development goals of Pakistan’s Vision 2025. The intended impact of the CDTA was to coordinate, an efficient, safe and sustainable transport system allowing the improved capacity of GOP to develop and manage it. As part of this assignment, in which MMP is collaborating with MML, there are five key deliverables: development and implementation of a holistic national transport policy and master plan; creation of a transport data observatory; supporting Pakistan in accession to, and implementation of, international transport agreements; supporting efforts to further implement sound road asset management; and project management support.

Design Review & Construction Supervision of National Highway N-95

MMP rendered its services for the detailed design review and construction supervision of improvement and widening of Chakdara – Mingora – Fatehpur Section of National Highway N-95 (82 Km). Our services included inspection of construction activities; supervision of road drainage/hydraulic structures and protection works; setting out and verification of elevations; and review of design already carried out by NHA.

Detailed Design of Motorway from Yarak on Indus Highway N-55 to Hakla on M-1

This 4-lane expressway with bridges over River Indus and culverts, runs from Yarak near D.I. Khan to Brahama Bahtar Interchange on M-1. The length of this expressway is approximately 285 kms. In association with NESPAK, our services on this assignment include: data collection and coordination with relevant departments for SOP maps; EIA report with identification of problematic areas; and hydrology study and hydraulics of major rivers with execution of the following tasks for study: location and extent of the catchments area; high flood level; maximum peak flood discharge; maximum velocity; type of bed material; waterway; and structure profile validation.

Lahore – Faisalabad Dual Carriageway Project-BOT-2

Our services on this assignment included detailed engineering comprising topographic survey, capacity analysis, traffic analysis and forecasting phases, hydraulic design, structural design, financial and economic analysis, cost estimation and construction supervision.

Technical Review of Developer’s Bid on Dualization of Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Road

MMP was appointed to review the developer’s bid for dualisation of the 67-km long road connecting Hyderabad city and Mirpurkhas passing through Tando Jam and Tando Allahyar Towns. This tolled road was constructed, operated and maintained on BOT basis for a concession period of 20-30 years. Our services included the review of developer’s technical proposal, and design criteria, review of traffic projections and cost data and basis of the proposal, comments on proposal conditions, analysis of technical and financial capability of the developer, financial review, and technical review of the concession agreement.

Review Consultancy of Main Line – 1

Pakistan Railways selected the consortium of MMP, Canarail, and Crimson Engineering Consultant to review and vet preliminary design/drawings, survey reports, BOQ, specifications of material and execution of works, bidding documents for EPC contract, and the bid evaluation process for the works of overhauling, upgradation and construction of railway tracks and other allied structures on different sections of ML-1 extending from Karachi to Peshawar. Our project team also conducted a verification of, and vetted all drawings prepared by the preliminary design consultants including all bridges, tracks, railway stations, signalling system, level crossing, and the electrical power supply systems.

Feasibility Study of Resettlement Site for the Revival of Karachi Circular Railway Project

MMP was tasked to develop a study covering all social, environmental, and engineering aspects related to the resettlement of the PAPs at the resettlement site. Other services included, topographic survey of the resettlement site, geotechnical investigation, host population survey, land cover or land-use survey of water resources & drainage patterns, infrastructure inventory survey in the vicinity, and resettlement site development plan.

Preparation of PPP Policy for Pakistan Railways

MMP was tasked to prepare the policy framework, which included a comprehensive PPP policy document for the rail sector. The proposed framework for PPP development in the rail sector covered procedures for implementation of policy including interaction with the private sector, other GOP organisations and capacity building for PPP procurement, mechanisms required to facilitate PPPs in the rail sector, risk and financial framework for PPP projects in the rail sector, relevant operating, design and service standards, the essential elements of rail-focussed model contracts, a list of selected and ranked potential rail PPP projects, and an implementation plan.

Project Management Consultancy Services for the balance work of New Islamabad International Airport

Always known for our smart solutions to complex challenges, the new Islamabad International Airport, a prestigious and long-awaited project for the Government of Pakistan, was awarded to us in 2015 after it had been highly mismanaged and the completion deadline was fast approaching. Our team endeavoured to deliver quality outcomes befitting a world-class airport against challenging timelines and delivered appropriately.

Since this project is designed to cater for future aviation requirements, it was planned in two different phases. The first phase comprising 2,000 acres was for airside aviation related activities. The remaining 1,200 acres are earmarked for commercial facilities. The airport is planned for managing annual traffic of approximately 10 million passengers and cargo facility of up to 150,000 metric tonnes.

The project marks another landmark achievement for MMP!

Gilgit-Naltar Master Plan 2040

MMP is proud to play a lead role in the development of the Gilgit-Naltar Master Plan 2040 – a policy document that presents the city’s primary goals for achieving its long-term vision for growth and development. It envisages the city to be a regional economic hub as well as a vibrant tourist destination.

This Master Plan for Gilgit and Naltar is being developed to manage the city’s urban growth until 2040 for which the needs and requirements of the present and future population are planned in a careful manner. For this purpose, a realistic land use plan has been devised to achieve the vision of the various stakeholders and to provide better living, working and leisure time facilities. Successful implementation of the plan will lead to greater economic activity as well as prosperity for the people who live, work and visit the city.

Punjab Provincial Land-use Plan

MMP’s services on this assignment included: data collection; surveys and studies; preparation of report on institutional setup required for implementation of the project; report on proposed consultancy for various specialised fields; review of policies, laws and deficiencies; and a report on submission of Final PC-II.

Preparation of Development of Master Plans of 14 District HQ Towns in Sindh

The proposed Development Master Plans of selected district headquarter cities of Sindh would require focus on the following activities, it would also include review of past trends, development strategies and prevalent conditions, preparation of digital base maps, SWOT analysis, and carving out a vision for the future of these cities. It will also include the preparation of a development plan comprising long-term plans, growth scenarios, short-term, immediate, and economic development plans, disaster management plans, climate change, resilience, and adaptability plans; and an implementation strategy.

Master Planning of District and Tehsil HQs in AJK

The Central Design Office, Planning and Development Department of the Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir took the initiative of getting the master plans prepared for the district and tehsil headquarter towns through MMP. The topographical surveys and master planning of 6 new district and tehsil headquarter towns, namely Haveli, Athmuqam, Dadyal, Hajeera, Barnala, and Sharda were awarded. Our services on this assignment included preparation of inception report, conducting topographic surveys, preparation of preliminary / draft master plans, and final master plans.

Project Management of Convention Centre Islamabad

MMP reviewed the design of Islamabad’s  Convention  Centre and certified its adequacy and technical soundness in respect of structure, HVAC and MEP services. Our team carried out complete supervision of the construction work and provided certification of structural stability.

Planning and Detailed Design of KPT Tower Complex

As part of a consortium, MMP provided its consultancy services for Karachi Port Trust in 2008, when it conceived the plan to build a 78-storey tower that was to include offices, residential apartments, a 5-star hotel, a convention centre, restaurants, parking structure and recreational facilities at its 5.5-acre plot near Mai Kolachi Road. Our services included: development of detailed concept plan; preparation of financial engineering feasibility and marketing plan; detailed planning & design of building for architecture, structure, mechanical / HVAC, electrical, water supply, drainage etc. We also prepared BOQ of works, specifications and contract documents.

New Office Secretariat for SIDA

In collaboration with Mott MacDonald, MMP provided the following consultancy services: planning & designing of buildings, structure, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, water supply and drainage works, geotechnical investigations and soil testing, Environmental Impact Assessment, preparation of detailed estimates, BOQ of works, technical specifications and contract documents, pre-qualification of contractors, evaluation of contractors, and assisted the client in the award of construction work.

KPUMA Office Building

To monitor the modern traffic system and BRT in Peshawar, MMP designed a state-of-the-art building for KP Urban Mobility Authority (KPUMA). The office is equipped with the latest technology, connecting each bus on the road with the office to ensure its safety and security. The three-storey office building, which is a blend of modern design and local sensitivities, incorporates energy efficiency and requisite safety measures while also being environmentally friendly.

BRT Peshawar Plazas

To reduce the load on roads and avoid traffic jams, MMP designed parking plazas at different locations along the BRT route. The parking plazas also encourage people with private vehicles to travel through the BRT system. Additionally, the parking facilitates commercial centres with shops that are rented out to earn revenue for the BRT Authority, while also providing convenience to passengers who can shop on their way.

Implementation of BISP’s Waseela-e-Taleem (WeT) programme

MMP was proud to be the implementing partner for the WeT programme, an offshoot of the BISP, whereby conditional cash assistance was provided to the eligible children of BISP’s Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) scheme’s selected beneficiary families. The scope of work included conducting micro supply capacity assessment of the participating public and private school facilities, social mobilisation of BISP beneficiaries, registration, enrolment and admission verification of children, and their attendance compliance monitoring. MMP implemented this programme in Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

BISP’s Spot Check and Beneficiary Feedback project

Under the umbrella of the National Cash Transfer Programme, MMP was part of the consortium responsible for all field operations including: household survey of the BISP beneficiaries to get their feedback regarding the cash transfer mechanism; conducting Focus Group Discussions and Community Dialogues with the beneficiaries; spot checks of payment places; and mystery shopping.

Supporting Nutrition in Pakistan – Food Fortification Project

This 5-year Food Fortification Project was part of the wider programme, Supporting Nutrition in Pakistan, funded by the UK Government. Led by Mott MacDonald and Micronutrient Initiative, MMP assisted our partner consultants in improving political commitment and public/private sector management of food fortification programmes, supporting industry to provide a sustainable supply of fortified wheat flour and edible oil, raising public awareness and demand of fortified food and their nutritional benefits as well as carrying out a range of targeted scoping studies.

Third Party Monitoring of FATA’s TDP-ERP

To support the early recovery of approximately 350,000 displaced families by the military operation in five FATA agencies, the World Bank provided support to the Government of Pakistan through the FATA Temporarily Displaced Persons – Emergency Recovery Project. To address access and security challenges and strengthen the programme oversight, the World Bank engaged MMP for third party monitoring to support its activities in FATA. Our project team’s tasks included periodically monitoring selected project activities and inputs/outputs in five agencies of FATA by providing periodic review of operational processes, activities, outputs, and results in the field; and comparing the processes and activities outlined in the Project Operations Manual to those being implemented in practice, to identify any deviations as well as areas where additional attention may be warranted.

Pakistan Teachers Training Project

In collaboration with MML, MMP was involved in reviewing the existing structure, suggesting management capability, conducting feasibility study on alternate curricula, assisting in formulating work plans, defining subject criteria for pilot GCET, helping prepare manuals, undertaking field visits, managing development, distance education and material development, education technology development, research, education economics, and non-formal education.

Institutional Assessment of IRSA

The purpose of this project was to assist IRSA to undertake a strategic organisational planning and development process, involving IRSA staff and key federal and provincial stakeholders such as Ministry of Water and Power, WCAP, IRSA, Provincial Irrigation Departments. MMP provided its services in identifying the capacity and resources required in future to enable IRSA to allocate water resources effectively and fairly to users against a background of changing water availability caused by climate change, and growing demand for water from the irrigation, hydropower, industrial, domestic and environmental sectors.

Ilm Ideas – Phase 2: Pakistan Education Innovation Fund (PEIF)

In collaboration with Cambridge Education, MMP implemented Phase-2 of this £20 million DFID-funded assignment, spread over a period of 4 years. The project aimed to introduce creative thinking in the education sector; seeking to cultivate innovation in collaboration with experts from the government, business and IT sectors, with the express purpose of providing sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions in Pakistan’s education sector.

Package D: Improving Quality, Access and Governance in Education, Punjab

As part of a consortium, MMP provided a range of technical services to, enhance fiscal sustainability and the effectiveness of public expenditures on education, enhance the quality of school education, improve and expand access through improvements in school participation and completion rates, and reduction in gender and regional disparities, and strengthen school management and governance within the sector. In addition, Cambridge Education in association with MMP, provided technical assistance to inform the development of key programmes for the next phase of reform.

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