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Welcome To MMP

MMP is an independent, privately-owned engineering, management and development services company. It is among the Leading Engineering Consultant Companies, providing Engineering Consultancy Services. MMP has overseen the completion of hundreds of projects with over more than 35 years of experience, MMP is listed as one of the top Engineering Consultants nationwide.

What We Do

We provide independent expertise in engineering-related areas to governments, industries, developers, and other firms. Our aim is to set the industry standards for service, quality, ethics, risk & safety management, and above all, customer care. Are you looking for a Leading Engineering consultant? We are the best at what we do –  where others fail, we succeed in meeting the highest standards required in the engineering field.

Role of a Construction Consultant

Construction consultants and their companies assist clients in making effective project preparations including evaluation costs, creating budgets, choosing contractors, managing contracts, and resolving disputes between contractors and project owners.

Role of an Engineering Design Consultant

This is an extremely competitive field and our engineering design specialists are a plus point for any company. MMP employs experts with our 15 years in this field and are confident that they have the expertise to handle any design in complex structures with ease.

Infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, trains, facilities, buildings, dams, utilities, and other projects are designed, planned, constructed, and managed by Engineering Design specialists.

Role of Project Management Consultant

A project management consultant is a professional who advises other companies on project management. If a corporation lacks project management skills or wants project management guidance from an external, unbiased source, it may hire a Project Management Company.

Role of an Engineering Organization

Professional engineering organizations are the major channels through which engineers working in specific technical disciplines or with shared interests and technical knowledge, regulate professional practice, influence public policy, and uphold the profession’s traditions and reputation. Engineering companies are responsible for design, monitoring, and evaluation to supervision and completion of the work.


As Leading Engineering Consultants we provide high quality Engineering Consultancy Services in multiple sectors including:

1: Water

2: Energy

3: Transportation

4: Urban & Infrastructure

5: Social Development

We have Experienced Professionals and skill set in Engineering Consultancy Services to execute any assignment with a level of excellence that our clients expect and our competitors recognize.

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Are you looking for an Engineering Organization that provides
a multitude of services?

MMP offers its clients a truly one-stop shop across Engineering Consulting Disciplines. We have distinguished ourselves by providing end-to-end solutions: from advisory and pre-investment to design, project management and post-commissioning services.

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