MMP’s experience in the water supply and waste water sector represents a major contribution towards our cities’ drive to improve health and environmental management. We provide technical and management services for all types of work associated with water engineering including water supply and treatment, sewerage, and urban drainage.

Our range of services include all major aspects of water and agricultural resources development, flood control, river training, water supply, sanitation, drainage, hydro-electric, power generation, environmental studies, topographic surveys and contouring, construction management, geo-technical and foundation engineering, quality assurance and information technology among others.

State-of-the-art technology may be used to process hydrological data and for resource planning. Our firm has access to a comprehensive suite of technological programmes providing vastly improved analytical and planning techniques.

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Water Supply

Management and assessment services for water source, storage and treatment facilities include advice on suitability of catchments, habitat protection and pollution monitoring. We possess expertise and experience in the design of water treatment infrastructure, drainage and flood prevention, and control works.

We have planned, designed and supervised dams, wells, river intakes and spring captures; water treatment plants for both surface and groundwater including reverse osmosis for brackish water; new and rehabilitated pipelines; pumping stations; storage reservoirs and elevated water tanks.

MMP’s water supply infrastructure strategies and master planning studies have received wide acclaim from water utilities, governments and international funding agencies, and many have been implemented. We have also developed the basis for formulation of water supply sector policies throughout Pakistan.

Water Resources

MMP has made significant contributions to the development and management of water resources in Pakistan. Our expertise resides in the development of water resources, both in conjunction with land resources development and as part of urban development.

Assignments typically start with exploration and definition of the water resources potential in river and groundwater basins, considering the complex factors and characteristics interacting in the system. Plans are then made by integrating resources with current and future demand estimates, with due allowance for the physical, social, human and environmental aspects involved.

Our projects span comprehensive development and planning, incorporating components such as irrigation, drainage and reclamation, flood protection, hydropower, water supply and associated infrastructure. Frequently, such plans involve the reconciliation of a variety of different and possibly conflicting requirements to arrive at the optimum water resource option.

We have considerable experience of river and groundwater development planning using digital models, having completed several complex multi-layer, flexible grid models. Our experts have been closely involved in the Khairpur Tube-well Drainage Project and the Lower Indus Project where new techniques were developed for the drainage of saline land using skimming wells. Another major assignment was the development of the Masterplan for Water and Sanitation Agency, Lahore.