Urban & Infrastructure - U&I

MMP has extensive experience in urban development in Pakistan. Our portfolio includes not only the provision of basic urban infrastructure such as highways, electric, water supply and distribution, sewerage and sewage disposal, and solid waste disposal, but also all types of buildings and facilities.

Our multi-disciplinary strength lies in providing customer satisfaction in town and master planning. We deliver innovative and smart solutions to our public and private sector clients on their projects in urban and mixed land use planning.

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Urban Planning and Development

The complexity of urban planning requires specialised skills involving many disciplines. As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, MMP has the ability to provide and coordinate these skills on our clients’ projects. Architecture plays a key role in this activity and our Architecture Department is committed to an integrated “design and manage” approach on all projects.

We provide a range of quality assured services in architecture, urban and town planning including feasibility studies, design, the seeking of statutory approvals, tendering control, contract supervision and project management from inception to completion. Our master planning capabilities are among the best in the business. All these services are supported by our suite of engineering and environmental resources.


MMP’s capabilities in the U&I sector can be witnessed from our vast experience of delivering on landmark assignments. From schools and universities to offices and hotels, we have proven our ability in all facets of building design and construction works.

Our services include infrastructure need assessments, planning and design development, preparation of procurement plans, geotechnical investigations and soil testing, supervision and monitoring of works, surveys and data collection, as well as the preparation of all related architectural, structural, civil, and electrical engineering designs and drawings.

We also have experience in providing detailed construction supervision and advisory project management consultancy services for all civil, HVAC, mechanical and electrical works on projects.