They [MMP] supervised the construction works strictly as per specifications and maintained quality control by establishing Field Testing Laboratories at each site. In spite of the fact that the MHT [Management of Hill Torrents] project is placed in high risk and security hazard area having tough environment, but the Consultants team members worked hard to the entire satisfaction of the Department.

Executive Engineer, DG Khan Construction Division
Management of Hill Torrents Project

The design team produced innovative designs, not only ensuring that the budget was efficiently used, but also integrating the overall requirements of the stakeholders, the environment and effective use of existing infrastructure.

Managing Director, Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority
Rehabilitation of Upper and Lower Nara Canals Project

The Consultants successfully carried out the studies and submitted the Feasibility, Detailed Engineering Design Reports and Tender Documents to WAPDA.

General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Bunji Hydropower Project

We confirm to recognize their Consultancy services rendered to the satisfaction of the Client and feel no hesitation in issuing this Completion / performance certificate in favor of the firm MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Director General (Services)
HEC Training Center, Khanaspur, Ayubia

Joined MMP with a mind to work for 4-5 years; it has been more than 20 years now! What has kept me glued to the company is the family-like culture of respect with visible professional excellence from its people. The company has grown to become amongst the top three competitors, and has all the requisite signs to reach further heights of business success.

Pervez Anjum
Development Director

MM Pakistan is recognised as a self-made and dedicated organisation in the field of consultancy. Ever since its inception, it has achieved a super position among the contemporary consulting firms. Today, it ranks very high. I feel proud to be associated with MMP and celebrated my silver jubilee association in 2016. I can safely state that I have spent the best part of my life with my wonderful MMP colleagues.

Sh. Abdur Rasheed
Senior Advisor U&I

The greatest asset of MMP is that it trusts its employees and gives responsibilities and full freedom to them to express their views. The work environment is excellent. On the basis of my experience over the last 50 years, I can rate it as one of the top firms in Pakistan – and one that can be compared to multinational engineering firms. It accepts challenges and accomplishes them with confidence.

(Late) Wasif Siddiqui
Associate Geologist

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to state that I have been contributing with my input on various projects undertaken by MMP. I rate MMP as one of the leading consultants in Pakistan, with the unique capability of providing comprehensive, proactive, innovative and creative workable solutions to the various complex engineering and project management problems that clients are confronted with. MMP provides a very friendly work environment, which enables its highly specialised and rich experienced professional staff members to give their best.

Syed Khawaja Qutubuddin
Technical Adviser