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Our Services

MMP offers its Clients a truly one-stop shop across consulting disciplines. Our vast expertise, cultivated through 31 years of successfully delivering on more than 500 projects, spans engineering, environmental, social, financial and public policy disciplines. From sectors as diverse as power and transportation to public health and social development, MMP has distinguished itself through providing end-to-end solutions from preliminary and pre-investment services to design and project management and post-commissioning services.


In addition to traditional consultancy services, MMP has assisted numerous Clients as both Owner’s and Lender’s Engineer and through technical partnerships on PPP projects such as BOT, BOOT among others. MMP also provides Engineering Support and comprehensive Project Management Services to its Clients.


MMP has also established itself in the Social Development Sector where our services range from policy development, institutional strengthening and capacity building to program implementation and monitoring and evaluation.


Our services are distinguished by our firm commitment to quality and our unwavering professionalism, which are the pillars of our service excellence.


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Owner’s Engineer

MMP’s philosophy as Owner’s Engineer, is to serve as an extension of our clients to further their aims and objectives from their projects. We are distinguished by our collaborative and closely coordinated approach with our clients, which has allowed us to deliver in line with their expectations on numerous public and private sectors spanning key economic sectors of the local economy.


MMP’s multi-disciplinary team has a proven track record of advancing the interests of our Clients across technical and commercial dimensions to deliver on projects from inception to start-up. Our extensive experience and expertise of providing professional support and management services on complex and conventional projects, ensures that we are able to minimize technical, financial, environmental and regulatory risks for our Clients and provide them with the assurance that their technical and contractual requirements will be met.


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Lender’s Engineer

As Lender’s Engineer, MMP has extensive cross-sector experience of assisting renowned global and local financial institutions, providing lender institutions with comprehensive project analyses and necessary measures to mitigate technical and commercial risks.


Our services to lenders include reviewing technical aspects of the project, assessing risk levels and allocation, monitoring project implementation and holistic technical support to lenders including risk management and mitigation advisory.


Overall, our experience and capabilities allow us to help shape project implementation to ensure the interests of our Clients are managed across the project development and operations lifecycle.


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Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are an integral driver of national development and MM Pakistan has extensive experience in developing and implementing Public Private Partnerships, spanning policy making advise to technical assistance on BOT, BOOT, DBFO and other PPP arrangements.


Our experience ranges in sectors and themes as diverse as the development of Pakistan Railways' Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy to the Technical BOT for Lahore Faisalabad Dual Carriageway Project.


Our policy making advisory assists public sector institutions in charting a course for delivering public goods through developing attractive modes of private participation and developing detailed strategies around private participant identification, attraction, investment and operating frameworks.


On implementation projects, our teams of engineers, finance and contracting specialists help deliver contract requirements and tender commitments safely and effectively. We advise on contract issues to help with efficient and effective project delivery in accordance with the Contract.

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Our preliminary services are aimed at helping our clients identify potential options to fulfil their desired outcomes from a project. MMP has extensive experience in assisting Clients with conceptualizing their projects through identifying the right project options, detailing project options through comprehensive technical, financial, economic and environmental evaluation of options, locating and assessing potential project site options and highlighting both opportunities and constraints for enabling decision makers to achieve their objectives.


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Pre-Investment Feasibility

MMP’s pre-investment and feasibility services are tailored to every distinct project opportunity and, our vast in-house multi-disciplinary resources, allow us to comprehensively evaluate project feasibilities for our clients across sectors and geographies.


MMP has conducted feasibility analyses across diverse sectors and disciplines including agriculture, manufacturing, power generation, transmission and distribution, transportation, urban developments, public and private facilities, irrigation, sanitation and policy actions amongst others.


Our typical pre-investment feasibility commences with an articulation of project objectives, technical surveys encompassing hydrological, topographical and Geo-technical investigations through to project specific analyses economic, technical, financial, environmental and social appraisals in conjunction with planning, programming, costing and assistance with obtaining statutory approvals.


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Design constitutes the nucleus of MMP’s engineering prowess with our design expertise drawn from a wide range of specializations from across our sectors and disciplines, and supported by the collective knowledge of our Central Design Cell—a dedicated team of design specialists with local and international experience, equipped with the latest technology and knowledge on design methods to bring service excellence in fulfilling our client’s requirements.


Commencing from design criteria and specifications development our team possesses the in-house capability for comprehensively planning and designing a project including development of concept designs, detailed engineering designs and drawings, development of BoQs and engineer’s estimates and the coordination for design interface management.


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Project Management

MMP is a recognized national industry leader in project management having delivered end-to-end services covering large, complex programs as well as smaller one-off projects for both public and private sector Clients. We possess the required resources and capabilities to guide our client’s projects from conceptualization to completion, through the provision of technical, financial and administrative services to support them in meeting program objectives.


As our client’s project managers, we provide individually tailored services to oversee and deliver activities ranging from planning, scheduling, budgeting, coordination, value engineering, claims management, commissioning to a host of other services required to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of projects.


MMP has an impeccable track record of meeting quality, time and cost imperatives to delivery on our client’s expectations.

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MMP provides its Clients with a comprehensive suite of procurement services designed to meet diverse requirements through incorporating our disciplinary specialities with procurement subject matter expertise and the latest technology tools for fulfilling our Clients needs.


MMP’s specialist procurement team possesses significant experience and expertise in advising our client’s on their procurement strategy from one off projects to entire portfolios. Our services cover the spectrum of procurement advisory from strategy development to tender document preparation, contract packaging strategies, reviews and evaluation and contract award assistance incorporating key factors such as technical requirements, cost imperative and regulatory compliance.

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Commissioning and Operations

Our commissioning and operations services are designed to meet project lifecycle requirements from the onset through verifying commissioning prerequisites, conducting comprehensive evaluations and recommending measures to enhance functionality and ensure that project effectiveness and efficiency are optimized and longevity extended.


Through assuring that project systems, components and processes are complete and working in synchronization, we are able to help our client’s maximize the success of their projects from the onset.


Our services also entail the development of commissioning procedures, advise on operations and maintenance, staff training and capacity building and conducting periodic operational performance reviews to ensure project functionality is aligned to desired outcomes.


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Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

MMP’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services enable our Clients to improve performance and achieve results, with the goal of improving management of outputs, outcomes and impact.


MMP’s SDS sector has significant experience of conducting numerous M&E exercises for our clients. From household surveys and focus group discussions to community dialogues and spot checks, we have provided these and other allied services to our distinguished clients, including on the internationally-recognised National Cash Transfer Programme of the Benazir Income Support Programme. We also offer baseline, periodic, midterm and final survey services, and design and implement M&E systems.


Over the years, we have gained the capacity to mobilise field teams within the shortest possible timeframe for undertaking these studies.


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Capacity Building

Our capacity building services are tailored according to the requirements of every assignment and every client. We provide these services both at a community as well as at an organisational level. Community capacity building services may involve approaches to social and behavioural change, often linked to infrastructure development, to assist in realising developmental goals.


Similarly, organisational capacity building services help guide internal development, optimisation of employees’ skills and activities of institutions. Our capacity building instruments and tools include, but are not limited to: trainings, dissemination of information, facilitation and guidance, awareness raising, consultative support and technical assistance.


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Policy Development

Our policy development processes involve research, analysis, consultation and synthesis of information in order to better guide our clients and produce recommendations.


These recommendations typically involve an evaluation of options against a set of criteria used to assess each option. Research and consultation are key steps in the policy development process. MMP has assisted several clients in policy development through stakeholder consultations, cost-benefit analyses, and impact assessment exercises.


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