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MMP’s Experts Participate in Consultative Training Workshop on Accessible and Safe Street Resolution with Elected Representatives

On August 21, 2019, Shehri - Citizen For Better Environment organized a one-day training workshop on “Consultation on Accessible and Safe Street Resolution with Elected Representatives” (Revitalizing the Old City) in Marriott Hotel, Karachi on collaboration with “Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNFF)”

Shehri was recently working on a project named “Climate Efficient Urban Mobility and Smart City Growth” and within the ongoing project framework, Shehri launched an ‘Accessible Streets & Public Spaces’ campaign. Amber Alibhai representing Shehri regretted that the city’s built environment – old and new – lacked consideration for people with special needs and the elderly.

To further this discussion, a workshop was arranged, which had a core focus on the old city, Saddar, Lyari and other historic quarters of Karachi, and discussions focused on strategies to develop ‘Pedestrian Districts’, reviving historic heritage sites, an overall area improvement, and on highlighting how improved public spaces can lead to having a more livable city.

The attendees of the training were the elected representatives, government officials, civil society groups, academia experts and media. MMP’s participation was ensured by environmentalist Aqeel Ahmed Magsi, Hammad Hayat Khan (Sr. Urban Planner) and Adil Qureshi (Assistant Architect).

The workshop sought to rehabilitate and connect the innominate spaces with other public spaces in old parts of Karachi. Furthermore, this session also covered the BRT in Karachi, and the Green Line was adopted as a case study, which was delivered by Architect Mohaddesa Fatima who explained how to increase social advantages by creating and enhancing the surroundings at stations within a radius of 1km.

Other government U.C. Councilors of Korangi and Lyari also gave their consent to contribute in the mission of Shehri.


MMP participates in Asian Development Bank training on Environmental Awareness, Assessment& Monitoring

A one-day training session on Environmental Awareness, Assessment & Monitoring was organized by ADB on Monday, 29 July 2019 at Avari Hotel, Karachi.

The objective of the training was to apprise participants with ADB’s Environmental Safeguard Policy SPS 2009 for Project Implementation Consultants (PICs), Project Implementing Units (PIUs), and Project Management Units (PMUs) of ADB-funded projects in Pakistan.

Dr. Stephen Crute was the Trainer for the session, and he methodically outlined each stage of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from Screening and Scoping to Data Collection, and thoroughly explained methods to determine the impact assessment process. The latter part of the presentation highlighted the method required for impact assessment and monitoring requirement by ADB.

MMP South’s environmental team comprising M. Ali Shishmahal, Aqeel Magsi, Muhammad Ehtasham and Shayan Ansari attended and actively participated in the session.




Across the nation, MMP a multidisciplinary multisectoral engineering consultancy observed the official (MMP) health and safety day. Multiple workshops with the objective to prevent and prepare for real life emergency scenarios were organized.  One of the key factors discussed and debated by multiple senior representatives and speakers, was to educate employees on standard measures and practices to ensure safety of all crew members. First aid live demonstrations along with presentations, H&S Quiz and short videos were some of the key features of the day.

A special emphasis was also highlighted this year by MMP’s priorities and policies on the subject.

Senior management in attendance further once again represented the high value emphasized by MMP to create a core connection between the management and the workforce, at any and all opportunities available. A standard practice set in motion many decades back by our Managing Director Mr. Waseem Nazir.

The prize distribution ceremony concluded the event with collective applause of appreciation for the organizers.



Mr. waseem nazir discusses business opportunities with Siyuan’s head of International business

Mr. Waseem Nazir, Managing Director MMP, accompanied by Mr. Ali Sarfaraz, General Manager (G&C), met Mr. Wang Lingjun, Head of International Business, China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co. Ltd. along with Siyuan representatives, Mr. Tao and Mr. Yuan Ji.

Mr. Nazir discussed opportunities of mutual interest and reaffirmed their commitment to continue working together for the development of the Railway sector in Pakistan. Mr. Nazir and Mr. Lingjun examined the collaboration between MMP and Siyuan over the course of last couple of years and identified focus areas for business development going forward.

Mr. Nazir highlighted recent developments in the Railway Sector as well the progress of MMP’s Design Vetting exercise for the Rehabilitation and Upgradation of ML-1, one of the most important projects planned under the CPEC and one of the largest developments in the Railway sector in decades. Mr. Lingjun reposed his confidence in MMP’s abilities as an eminent multi-disciplinary consultancy services provider and reiterated Siyuan’s commitment to MMP as the partner of choice.




In line with our L&D plan for 2019, MMP set in motion yet another monumental workforce enhancement and development initiative. Collaborating with the Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM), a vibrant mix of MMP staff from all regions featuring some of the senior most to mid-level management and youngsters were put to the test in a stimulating 3-day workshop from the 11th to the 13th of March at PIM’s regional office in Lahore.

Through a carefully tailored and customised programme, the aim was to enhance business communication and negotiation skills in an environment designed to passionately project and advance individual and collective skills.

The importance attached to this initiative can be gauged from the surprise visit by our Managing Director, Mr. Waseem Nazir, accompanied by our L&D Manager Shahrukh Raja, to collectively close out the workshop with a closing note to all participants. Truly, a one-of-a-kind effort by a unique organisation. It goes to show that at MMP, not only do we truly think big; we go all-out to achieve it!



23rd March 2019. Regional. Celebration

From MMP correspondents North, Centre and South.

23rd March – the Resolution Day of our great country – was celebrated nationwide at MMP offices with the resolve and determination to keep moving forward and strive everyday for greater professional excellence. There was a buzz of patriotism, pride and joy as the national anthem and prayers echoed through all of MMP’s regional offices. In an uplifting spirit, staff members reminisced about how Pakistan Day has evolved over the decades. Cake cutting ceremonies added to the optimism in the air, as we geared up for another exceptional year in the making!


MMP participates in Shehri’s (NGO) Workshop

Shehri – (Citizens for a Better Environment) – a Karachi-based NGO, organised a workshop on “Engagement of Effective Use of Resources for Environmental Protection – Focus on Urban Mobility and Climate Change” on 14th February 2019 at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi, where a diversified and engaged group of individuals representing SMTA, P&D Department, Police Department, the private sector, media, research institutes and academia populated the gathering. MMP also took active part in the workshop by providing valuable design-related inputs. MMP was represented by:

  • Mr. Ejaz Alam (Project Director – KBRT);
  • Mr. Mohammad Ali Shishmahal (Sr. Environmentalist);
  • Mr. Hammad Hayat Khan (Sr. Urban Planner);
  • Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Magsi (Environmentalist); and
  • Mr. Shayan Ansari (Jr. Environmentalist)

Mr. Ashraf Lakho of SMTA presented the BRT Red Line, the detail design of which is being undertaken by MML & MMP. It was asserted that the BRT Red Line is to be the only 3rd Generation BRT system of Karachi. The design concept was explained and schematics of proposed corridor, route, stations and overall layout were presented. Environmental features and Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) facility provision were of particular interest to the audience.


Independence Day – SKHPP Site

The 71st Independence Day of Pakistan was jointly celebrated by MYM-JV (OE), SK Hydro (Client) & CGGC (Contractor) at OE Site Camp Suki Kinari Project, in which top management from Client (Chief Site Manager) & Contractor (Project Manager) participated. Chinese participants showed unity with Pakistan while holding the flag together and stated that National days are celebrated with the purpose of educating society, particularly the new generation, about the objective and struggle for the attainment of one’s country. May the year ahead bring peace and prosperity to our nation!


IIAP Launch Event Islamabad: Celebrating a Soaring Achievement for MMP in the Aviation Sector

The Islamabad International Airport Pakistan’s (IIAP) launch event was arranged with much zest on the 14th of May, 2018 at Millenium Marqees. Vibrantly organised and peppered with staff wearing commemorative polo shirts, the event showcased MMP, and our partner organisation, MML’s technical expertise in the aviation sector. A thoroughly entertaining display of MMP’s promotional videos, a prize distribution ceremony, and a presentation by our MD Mr. Waseem Nazir highlighting the expert service delivery of our consortium on this assignment, were some of the memorable moments from the event.


Karachi BRT (Red Line)

Karachi BRT (Red Line) project has been launched by SMTA (Sindh Mass Transit Authority), Government of Sindh and is being financed by the ADB.

MML, in collaboration with MMP, is working on the detailed design of the Karachi BRT Red Line Project. Though one of the six BRT lines planned for the megalopolis of Karachi, it is unique in terms of its design, which is based on the BRT Standard, in accordance with international best practices. This third generation BRT system is based on direct service concept and is expected to facilitate 500,000 passengers per day.

It is intended to deliver world-class passenger experience, significant economic benefits, and create a positive environmental impact. The 29-km long corridor starts from Numaish, traversing mainly on new M.A. Jinnah Road and University Road, onwards to Malir Cantt and ends at Malir Halt.

For successful and efficient delivery of the project, MMP has established a separate office on the 4th floor of our office at Dolmen Estate. Mr. Waseem Nazir, MD MMP, appreciated the office planning, environment and quality of staff selected on this project and termed it as a model for the company. He also announced that this office be the centre of excellence for upcoming infrastructure and transportation projects for MMP.


Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project

In association with MMP, the consortium of Mott MacDonald (UK), Coyne et Bellier and ACE Pakistan, completed the Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project – a monumental feat of engineering, which is also a critical need of the nation.

Under the auspices of Wapda and funded by the World Bank, the Tarbela 4th Extension carries an additional capacity of 1410 MW, taking the total capacity up to 4888 MW.

The project carries numerous benefits, including an improvement in the hydel-thermal mix, reduction in load shedding through increase in hydel generation, and creation of new jobs in the industry.

The project completion ceremony took place on site on 10th March 2018, presided by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, along with Chairman Wapda and many foreign dignitaries including JV representatives. Managing Director MMP Mr. Waseem Nazir was among those awarded honorary shields of excellence.


Tarbela 5th Extension Supervision Project

Another feather in our cap! Our consortium was ranked first in the evaluation of Technical & Financial proposals for the World Bank-financed Tarbela 5th Extension Hydropower Supervision Project with installed capacity of around 1410 MW. After the successful completion of Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project, it is a matter of great pride for MMP to be part of this prestigious project.


MMP Annual Corporate Event 2018: Celebrating Our Accomplishments

MMP’s Annual Corporate Event was held with much gusto on a balmy early summer evening at the Faletti’s Hotel. In keeping with our recent corporate re-branding, the event showcased our new corporate Tagline, as well as a promotional video, and a highlight reel of our mega-projects successfully completed over the past 25 years. The event was graced by a large number of our staff members from all across the country, partner company representatives, and high ranking officials from the public and private sectors. The audience was regaled with MD MMP Mr. Waseem Nazir’s commemorative address, as well as a speech by MML’s MESA MD Mr. David Cox. The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony celebrating our top achievers and their contributions over the past year. As always, MMP’s Annual Event proved to be a great occasion for staff members to mingle with the top management and industry experts.


14 Districts Rehabilitation

M/S EA Consulting Pvt. Ltd., in a joint venture with MM Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. & EMC Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded the project: Preparation of Development Master Plans of 14 DHQ Towns of Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas & Shaheed Benazirabad Divisions.

The project consultants have been awarded additional work for preparation of the first ever Master Plan of Taluka Headquarter Town of Sindh (Islamkot).

So far, the consortium has submitted the Situational Analysis, Digital Base-map, SWOT Analysis, Immediate Action Plan, and Economic Development Plan of 14 District Headquarters Towns, while the Master Planning for the towns is in progress.

The project’s objective is to develop a master plan to help planned growth in urban centers of Sindh. This would help generate improvement in terms of infrastructure and socio-economic characteristics. The project also includes formulation of a realistic institutional setup to guide the implementation of the development master plans.


MMP Annual Strategy Workshop

The MMP annual strategy workshop was held in Mid-February at the Greenfields Country Club. The workshop was attended by MMP’s Senior Management and emerging leaders from across the country and provided us with the opportunity to collectively reflect on the current state of our company and bring our minds together to chart the course for guiding us to our future aspirations. A number of key actions were identified and enriched with the perspectives of participants, and these were subsequently finalized in order for us to translate our strategy into meaningful and time-bound actions. The implementation of these actions have been organized into distinct initiatives for supporting desired strategic outcomes and span the entire spectrum of our organizations activities to yield a comprehensive plan over the course of the next 3 years.


QES Activity: Certification Renewal Audit by LRQA (External audit)

In keeping with our ethos of ensuring the provision of quality services to our clients, the Certification Renewal Audit was conducted by LRQA on 9th September 2017 at the Regional Office (North) in Islamabad. Raheel Ehsan led the audit where the project team of Waseela-e-Taleem's Cluster A was in attendance.


Workshops on MMP's Health & Safety Day

On 28th April 2017, workshops were organised by our QES representatives Ms. Madiha Saquib (in Islamabad), and Ms. Ummul Banin and Mr. Amir Shabir (in Lahore), to guide staff members on the importance of Health & Safety procedures. The workshops were held at the Regional Office (North) in Islamabad and the Empress Road Office in Lahore, with all the respective regional staff members in attendance during the day-long event.


Signing of Karachi BRT Red Line Project

On 10th August 2017, the much-awaited signing of Karachi BRT Red Line Project was carried out at the Karachi Transport and Mass Transit Department office. The project was awarded to Mott MacDonald Ltd. (UK) in association with MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

The project is funded by Asian Development Bank and is part of JICA’s Karachi Transportation Improvement Project (KTIP). The project will contribute towards developing a sustainable Urban Transport System (UTS) in Karachi through the delivery of a bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor, focusing on accessibility and people's mobility needs. It will aim to organise urban growth and public space along the selected corridor through integration of land-use and transport planning (transit-oriented development), making the city more accessible for millions of urban dwellers.


Opening Ceremony of Karachi BRT Project Office, Karachi

On 31st October 2017, the opening ceremony of our new office for the Karachi BRT project was held at MMP's Regional Office (South) in Karachi. Mr. Ejaz Alam, Regional Manager South, inaugurated the office and all regional staff were present on the occasion. The office is well designed with all allied facilities to provide an excellent work environment for its users. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all entities and individuals whose contributions have made a significant impact on MMP's Karachi office.


MMP Quality Management Standards

MM Pakistan Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Industry. Q&S. Development. Recognition. International.

As part of Management’s efforts to continually meet International Quality Standards and customer satisfaction, MMP’s QMS Team feels proud to announce the successful up gradation of our Quality Management System (QMS) from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015, in April 2018, as a significant development. The highest standards of quality and service are key for our customers, partners and suppliers.

The certificate is awarded by a leading Global Certification body, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), having met all relevant parameters. We have been able to achieve this through commitment of our Management and sheer hard work of our QES Team & nominated QES Engineers / Coordinators on projects / respective departments.

Our Certification – Our Achievement!


14th August 2017 celebration at MMP Regional Office (South)

When there is teamwork & collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. And nothing beats louder in our heart than the love of our motherland. With this motive at heart, MMP Regional Office South staff celebrated the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan. The office was decorated with balloons, flags and MMP posters specially designed for the occasion.


MD MMP represents Pakistan at the International Forum of the “International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)” in Mexico City.

The distinguished Vice President of ICID Pakistan and Managing Director of MM Pakistan, Mr. Waseem Nazir, proudly represented Pakistan at the 3rd International Forum and 68th Meeting of the International Executive Council of ICID in Mexico City. The high level gathering deliberated on how we can deal with water management in agriculture to eradicate poverty and hunger, and for establishing new irrigation models, taking care to avoid water losses by using irrigation timing system with a mechanical model to grow crops.

The Congress was particularly useful for developing countries like Pakistan in helping to prepare feasibility studies and hold discussions on creating a water secure environment. Another relevant item on ICID's agenda was the possibility to engage with other international bodies by signing a Memorandum of Understanding at this occasion.

The 23rd Congress and 68th Plenary Session of the International Executive Council left a collection of positive experiences and knowledge.

Mr Waseem Nazir was part of the Consultative Group that prepared the "2030 Vision" Roadmap. His excellent work and contribution in preparing this document was acknowledged by ICID's President Mr. Saeed Naiziri.


Pakistan’s MMP and China’s YREC express desire for mutual collaboration

MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. and China’s Yellow River Engineering Company, a Grade-A certified multi-disciplinary consultancy, have developed a joint understanding on exploring opportunities in mutual areas of interest and guiding their joint participation on selected project opportunities. The understanding reflects the desire of both MMP and YREC to extend their collaboration in Pakistan and abroad for jointly exploring selective consulting opportunities, by combining their respective competitive advantages across multiple disciplines and sectors. MMP and YREC’s collaboration stems from their successful participation as part of the Owner’s Engineer consortium for Pakistan’s largest IPP Hydropower project, where their collaboration has resulted in an exceptional value proposition for the Client.


MMP and Siyuan formulate understanding for Strategic Collaboration

MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Pakistan’s leading private multi-disciplinary consultancy, and China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd., one of China’s largest Railway consultancies, agreed to strategically collaborate on selected Railway sector opportunities in Pakistan. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Waseem Nazir—Managing Director MMP, Mr. Pervez Anjum, Mr. Tariq Mehmood, Mr. Ali Sarfaraz and other senior management from MMP. The Siyuan delegation was led by Mr. Han Jou, who was accompanied by key members of Siyuan’s international team. The parties expressed their firm commitment on pursuing an understanding for jointly undertaking selected infrastructure projects in key focus sectors. Furthermore, the parties appreciated MMP’s local prominence and Siyuan’s international expertise in delivering infrastructure projects globally, and agreed to explore opportunities for leveraging their respective strengths in areas of mutual interest.


MD MMP Conducts Progress Review at Site of New Islamabad International Airport.

The Managing Director MMP, Mr. Waseem Nazir, conducted a progress review of the New Islamabad International Airport Project. Accompanied by key Project Management staff, Mr. Nazir, reviewed the status of project activities on-site and evaluated progress against key milestones. The New Islamabad International Airport, a prestigious and momentous project for Pakistan’s aviation sector, was awarded to MMP in 2015, and our team has endeavoured to deliver quality outcomes befitting a world-class airport against challenging timelines.

Presently, the runway, taxiway, apron and other airfield facilities have been largely completed, whereas work is also steadily progressing on the terminal building, control tower, cargo complex and related utilities, with another vital national project nearing completion supported by MMP’s efforts.