Corporate Social Responsibility

MMP Policy Statement — January 2019


  • MMP is dedicated to the progress and amelioration of the communities where it engages in business activities. We aim to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits for our communities through adopting a conscientious approach in our work and directly contributing towards community uplift. We embrace social responsibility as an integral aspect of our culture and institute leading standards for upholding our commitment to our communities.
  • This policy will be reviewed at the discretion of the Managing Director.


  • The Managing Director is responsible for the oversight of MMP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy and for guiding its effective implementation
  • All MMP Managers are responsible for adopting and instituting the principles expressed in this policy in their areas of work.
  • All employees are responsible for ensuring adherence to MMP’s Corporate Social
    Responsibility Policy


  • MMP aims to enhance the development of the communities where we live and work through incorporating corporate social responsibility in our day-to-day activities. MMP endeavors to avoid any disruptions to our communities, seeking to maximize positive externalities from our work to the benefit of society.
  • We identify and support relevant programs and projects for enhancing social development through the direct participation of our firm and our employees. MMP extends assistance to leading social organizations and programs through our work in social development and through corporate participation in community initiatives.
  • We encourage our employees, both as individuals and as a collective, to expend their efforts in leading social initiatives and recognize their achievements in the social and communal spheres.
  • We are a committed equal opportunity employer. MMP promotes employment of suitably skilled personnel from the communities where it works, enabling community members in livelihood generation and expanding their capabilities through providing local employment opportunities.
  • MMP expects suppliers, subcontractors, business partners and parties acting on its behalf to conduct their business activities in a socially responsible manner and to contribute towards the development of local communities where they operate.
  • Adequate resources, information and support will be made available to allow this policy to be implemented effectively.
Waseem Nazir
Managing Director