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Roads Projects List

Project Client Description Completion
Feasibility Study & detailed design of new 4- lane express way starting from Korai on Indus highway N-55 (Km 930+00) traversing through different towns crossing Indus river at Kala Bagh( Mianwali) connecting Pindigeb Fatehjang and terminating at Bahtar Ba NHA
  • Data collection and coordination with relevant departments for SOP maps.
  • Reconnaissance visit and Inception Report.
  • EIA Report preparation and submission to the client through lead partner with identification of the problematic areas.
  • Hydrology study and hydraulics of major rivers with execution of following tasks for study:
  • Location and extents of the catchments area.
  • High Flood level.
  • Maximum Peak Flood Discharge
  • Maximum velocity
  • Type of bed material
  • Waterway
  • Structure profile validation
Traffic Improvement at Marrir Chowk through addition of Two Lanes on either side of Murree Road under Railway Bridge, Rawalpindi Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) intended to Improve the Traffic at Marrir Chowk through Addition of Two Lanes on Either Side of Murre Road under Railway Bridge, Rawalpindi" on a very fast track basis at cost of Rs. 429.500 – Mllion under Annual Development Programme (ADP) 2011-12 8 2012-13. The Murree Road is passing through the heart of the city and connects with Islamabad on one side and cantonment on the other end. The road is hub of commercial activities in the city. The road is the busiest one in the city and traffic congestion problems are experienced ever since. The project includes construction of 2 additional lanes on either side of Murree Road under Railway Bridge at Marrir Chowk and subsequently construction of widened Railway bridge of two span s (82feet each) Steel Bridge. Overall objectives of the project were:

  • Reduce road traffic congestion on this important highway;
  • Reduce traffic delays and travel time;
  • lmprove traffic circulation in general;
  • Improve road network in the city of Rawalpindi; and
  • Enhance the economic and environmental conditions of the city.