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Quality Assurance

MMP provides comprehensive engineering consultancy and project management services to all sectors of government, industry and commerce in the country. By conforming to the specific requirements  stipulated in agreements made with our clients, we provide quality services based on skill, care and diligence.

To achieve this level of excellence, it is our policy to apply and maintain an effective Quality System complying with international standards and operating in conjunction with other management functions. Compliance with the Quality System is mandatory for all staff working within MMP. It is designed to instill confidence in our clients and to assure them that their work is being executed at the quality they would expect.

The main elements of our Quality Assurance System are:

  • Providing a documented system, with the purpose of standardising and formalising procedures;
  • Ensuring through an appointment review that projects’ staff is fully aware of the clients’ requirements and any subsequent changes to those requirements;
  • Preparation of a quality plan by the project engineer who outlines a detailed project implementation plan. The project quality plan is available as a reference document to all project staff and interlinked departments to keep them fully apprised about the project. It contains, inter alia, information on key dates, staffing, staff responsibilities, chains of command and other departments' involvements;
  • Carrying out a project review which is a detailed technical check on project implementation by a senior member of staff, independent of the project team to ensure that the requirements of the original brief are being fully met.

Other aspects of the Quality Assurance System include:

  • Formalising practice regarding the preparation of calculations, reports, drawings, specifications and computer software including arrangements for checking and retaining record copies;
  • Standardising systems for the engagement of outside technical services, control of incoming and outgoing correspondence and recording verbal communications.
  • Conducting quality audits through our Quality Assurance Department to ensure that project implementation conforms to the requirements of the Quality System.