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Hydropower Projects List

Project Client Description Completion
Original: Geological Studies, Channelization of Nullahs and Design Review of Structures in Thor Colony of Diamer Basha Dam Amendment-I: Updation of PC-1 (One for Dam Part and Other for Power Generation) WAPDA The main activities of the consultancy services are to study Hydrological and geological aspects of the area to protect the WAPDA Colony at Thor by proposing such measures as channelization of Nullas and high discharging capacity cross drainage but also be able of pass big boulders rolling with the water during rainfall events in the numerous smaller left and right side nullas / tributaries joing Thor Nulla. Similarly measures against land slide with also be required at the locations that are close to weak geological formations. 2017
Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Documents & PC-1, Construction Design, Construction Supervision, Project Management Support and Contract Management of Tarbela Dam 4th Extension Hydropower Project WAPDA The main objective of the proposed consultancy services is to support Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in project preparation studies, preparation of detailed designs, bidding documents and PC-1 including engineering, economic, environmental and social studies and construction supervision of all works and activities included under the Tarbela Dam 4th –Extension Hydropower Project (T4HP). The Consultants (T4CJV), of which MMP is an important partner, have completed the Detailed Engineering Design, Bidding Documents and PC-1 of the project, and have also prepared a comprehensive EMP, RAP and SAP of the project. The Consultants have assisted WAPDA in selecting the Civil Works Contractor and are also supporting it to select an E&M Works Contractor. The Consultants are fully geared up to undertake the Construction Supervision of the project, as soon as the Contractors are mobilized. 0
Construction Supervision of Kurram Tangi Dam WAPDA The Kurram tangi Dam is located on the Kurram River in north Waziristan Agency in the Fata area of the KPK province. The actual dam site is located 22km upstream of the Kurram Garhi Head works and 32km north of Bannu City. Key components: 322ft high& 1035ft in length CFRD and appurtenant structures. 1 Spillway 2 cofferdams Diversion tunnels Stilling Basins 3 Weirs 5 tunnels 5 Powerhouses New Head Regulator on left bank of Kurram Garhi Head works and Thal Canal. Remodelling of existing Canals (Civil and Marwat) Kaitu Weir and Irrigation system compromising of construction of new canals. Main objectives: Productive use of water resources of Kurram and Kaitu River. Irrigate new areas in Sheratallah, SpairaRagha and Thal plains. Supplementing existing command areas of Civil and Marwat Canals. Hydropower generation. Improvement in the socio-economic conditions of the most backward area of KPK 2016
Preparation of Feasibility, Design, Tender Documents and PC-1 of Tarbela 5th Extension Hydropower Project WAPDA The main objective of the proposed consultancy services is to support Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in project preparation studies, Scoping Study, the preparation of: Tender Design, PQ Documents, Bidding Documents, PC-1 and Project Cost Analysis included under the Tarbela Dam 5th –Extension Hydropower Project (T5HP). The Consultants (T5CJV), of which MMP is an important partner, and working on to complete the Preparation of Scoping Study , Design, Tender Documents and PC-1 of the project. 0
Preparing Irrigation Master Plan for SATPARA Dam Command Area Projects Agha Khan Foundation Pakistan The Government of Pakistan has constructed a dam on Satpara nullah for power generation and irrigation purposes. Tow irrigation canals namely, Left and Right Bank Canals, have been constructed to irrigate about 15,500 acres of land. USAID is funding a multi-dimensional development project for improving on-farm water management, increasing agricultural productivity through modern techniques, introducing high value crops and providing marketing access to growers for boosting rural economy of the area. The project is implemented by Agha Khan Foundation and the services of MM Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd have been hired for “Preparing Irrigation Master Plan” for modernizing and improving on-farm water management in the irrigated area under Satpara dam command. MM Pakistan will collect baseline data on existing socio-economy, irrigation and communication infrastructure, will conduct GIS and topographic survey of the area. The design of modern irrigation system, its drawings and cost estimates, environmental examination, introduction of pressurized irrigation and consultation with all stakeholders regarding the project are the Consultants’ responsibilities. 2014
1. Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents For Bunji Hydropower Project 2. Master Plan of Bunji Housing Scheme & Detailed Architectural Designs of various individual Buildings Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) The consultant’s assignment includes the following services. Review of pre-feasibility Report. Geologic and Geotechnical Investigations. Preliminary site selection and evaluation of alternatives. Hydrological and sedimentation studies. Structural analysis. Development of design criteria. Feasibility level design of main components of the project. Review of previous Environmental and Social Impact Assessment reports. Cost estimate. Estimation of project benefits. Economic and Financial Analysis. Construction Planning. Technical evaluation. Final Feasibility Report. Preparation of PC-I. Seismic Hazard Studies. Detailed Engineering Design. Preparation of Tender Documents. Site selection & Concept Planning for Housing Scheme Detailed Master Planning of Housing Scheme Detailed Architectural Design of various individual Buildings 2014
Sediment Management Study of Tarbela Reservoir Water and Power Development Authority. Establish Consultants furnished office at Tarbela Dam. Review of existing, on-going, and planned projects relevant to the study. Procurement of Modern Equipments for the Study. Environmental & Ecology Studies. Geotechnical Studies. Assistance in Computer Modelling to MML & HR Wallingford. Assistance in subcontracts execution to MML & HR Wallingford. 2013
Advisory Project Management Services for DHA Power and Desalination Cogen Plant Karachi DHA Cogen Ltd. (DCL) DHA have planned to install a combined power and desalination plant (CPDP) in one of its constitute residential / commercial sector Phase VIII. An independent company DHA Cogen Ltd. has been established. DHA’s estimated current requirement of potable water is 7.5 mgd. KWSB sanctioned 4.5 mgd. Alternative source for 3.0 mgd is (CPDP). For the purpose a power plant of 94 MW is established to run Desalination Plant. Surplus power after making full requirement will be sold to KESC. Main components are: 1. One Gas Turbine (GT) 2. One dual capacity heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) 3. One Steam Turbine (ST) 4. Two Desalination Plants SIEMENS AG Power Generation Germany supply power plant of 94 MW capacity. Alfa Laval of Germany supply two desalination plants of total capacity of 3 mgd Lincas (Germany) supply gas supply system. Erection and commissioning Siemens Pakistan 2008
Consultancy Services for Conducting the Feasibility Study for 655 MW Suki Kinari Hydro Power Project S.K. Hydro (Pvt) Ltd. Review of previous reports of chart T. Man & GTZ Collection of Hydrological Data Preparation of tender documents for Topo Survy and Geo-Tech Investigation Selection of site in the light of previous reports and later studies. 2007
Detailed Engineering Design of Satpara Dam Project HEPO, WAPDA The assignment involves Review the detailed designs, reports / data, surveys and investigations, incorporate proposed changes in the designs and prepare construction drawings for civil, irrigation and hydraulic steel works, to check the supplier’s designs for mechanical and electrical works. Propose additional surveys and field investigations as required for implementation of the project. The construction supervision, monitoring of works and administration of contracts will be of such a quality as to allow WAPDA and GOP for a smooth implementation of the project. 2006
Preparation of Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Drawings / Documents for Kurram Tangi Dam WAPDA The study comprised the following jobs: Review and updation of all existing studies, reports and data Carrying out additional investigations / surveys Preparation of feasibility report Preparation of engineering design and tender drawings / documents. 2004
Fordwah Eastern Sadiqia Canal Lining Component World Bank / Govt. of Punjab Uncontrolled seepage from the irrigation system has resulted in waterlogging in the Canal Command area. The project comprises the development of canal lining systems to reduce seepage. 2000
Neelam Valley Hydro Project, Jagran HEB/AJK Review and approve design criteria, design report, supervise geotechnical investigation, specification report, layout and construction drawings, assembly drawings, as built drawings, progress reports. Project Management. Construction Supervision. Supervise erection installation, testing and commissioning E&M plant. Certification of invoices monthly progress and quality, attending meetings. 1999
Construction Supervision of Chanda Fateh Khan Dam Govt. of NWFP Site investigation, Construction supervision of embankment, spillway, irrigation conduit, intake as outlet structures, head regulator, irrigation network. Review construction drawings and prepare cost estimate within 2 months. Inspection and testing measurement of work quantities, certification of payment, close control on progress and monthly reporting. 1998
Low Head Hydropower Potential Project Govt. of NWFP Hydrological/Geological Studies, Feasibility Study, PC-I, Detailed Design - BOQ, Economics Financial Analysis, Environment Impact Assessment, Tender Documents, Construction Drawings, Design Report and Calculation. 1997
Geological Studies for Dams Govt. of Oman Two hydrogeologist have been deputed on this project through Mott MacDonald International Ltd. A senior Dam Engineer has been deputed on the Rusayl Dam Project for the construction / supervision of works. 1994
Survey and Mapping of Daral Khawar - Bahrain Hydro Power Project, NWFP SHYDO/GTZ Topographic survey in Difficult terrain using data logging equipment and utilizing computer aided mapping techniques. 1993