Nationwide - Multiskilled
Multidisciplinary Engineering Development and Management Consultancy

Water Projects

Preparation of Master Plan for Water Supply, Sewerage & Drainage System for Lahore

Preparation of specific master plans for water supply, sewerage and drainage sector for Lahore Dist. area, for up to 2040, and develop implementation plans for priority projects. Assess the existing situation of institutional structure of WASA to handle the efficient management of the existing and expanding services needed. Assess the existing infrastructure and propose rehabilitation and expansion, including review of regularity framework. Review the tariff; introduce sound financial management system based on MIS

Feasibility Study for Extension of Water Resources for Faisalabad City- Phase-II

Design to increase the capacity of the under construction 10 mgd plant to 20 mgd • Design a new treatment 20 mgd plant at a suitable site on the eastern side of the City, and • Design improvement in the arterial network, with necessary additions / modifications • Conducting studies, surveys, investigations • Preparing documents of technical specifications and PC-1 for the project

36” Dia MS Trunk Mains from Hub Treatment Works to Saudabad Pumping Station

For the purpose of improving water supply system of Saudabad Malir, KWSB has planned to lay 36” diameter pipeline from Pipri Treatment Works to Saudabad, a dedicated supply system. The present water shortage in the area will be eliminated and water will be equitably distributed around Malir and Saudabad. The project is to be implemented in 14 months. MMP consultants have been appointed by KWSB for detail design and supervision of the project.

Environment and Social Studies, Land Use Plan Including Resettlement Framworks for Thar Coal Fields

Coal-to-Power Development is vital for Pakistan’s present and future power requirements. The discovery of low-ash, low-sulphur lignite coal reserves in the Tharparkar (Thar) Desert in Sindh Province, with estimation of 184.123 billion tonnes has increased both domestic and foreign interests. The area of study is 22,000 sq.km in district Tharparkar and contiguous areas.

Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Water Supply System Under K-III Project

Producing an overall existing water supply asset map of 18 towns of Karachi city, covering conveyance and distribution system with particular reference to water trunk mains ranging 33” dia to 72” dia. Leakage detection survey showing previously repaired leaks pin-pointing places where frequent leakages occur. Prepare an aging plan of the transmission and water distribution system to identify such portions of the system where it has completed economic design life and where there are visible signs of deterioration and damage resulting in water loss. Devise the concept of metering in the context to ensure equitable distribution of water and measured flows to the 18 towns of Karachi. Complete detail design and preparation of engineering estimates. Provide specialist services for all contracts with an integrated team of experienced and qualified engineers. Supervision of commissioning & setting to work to the specified standard.

Solid Waste Management Studies of Towns of Central Cluster of Province of Sindh

Solid waste generation study including household, commercial, industrial and hospital waste. Solid waste composition study providing necessary inputs for calculating organic and inorganic portions, recyclable materials and combustible waste etc. Data acquisition for time and motion study to find out existing fleet of vehicles, locations of official primary collection points to the existing dumping sites. Also carry out time and motion study for each vehicle which is presently involved in the transportation of solid waste from official primary collection points to the existing dumping sites by giving details of routes and time take for one day. Inventory of existing solid waste management physical infrastructure including assets and staff deployed by the towns, as well as all officially designated and non-designated primary collection points.

Providing/Laying Water Conduction Main from G-13 to I-16 (New Route of Shah Allah Ditta Reservoir) Islamabad – Left Over Work of Phase I & II at Islamabad

The Consultancy Assignment consists of two phases, The phases and jobs to be carried out are as under: Design Review Reviewed the design of the pipeline with revised route diversions as decided on a holistic basis with specials and fittings positioned adequately. Produced revised detailed construction drawings for portions to be laid or re-Iaid. Reviewed contract documents and provide addendums where necessary, for the existing contractors. Market rate analysis and review of Cost Estimate Top Supervision of the Construction of Conduction Mains Provided Top Supervision for the execution. Witness testing and commissioning. Verified “As Built” Drawings, provided by the Contractor(s) Support the Client in project closing.

Consultancy Services for Mapping, Planning, Feasibility Studies, Detailed Design and Supervision (SCIP-04)

Water Supply System Mapping for six towns in Northern Sindh Water Supply Master Plans Water Management Master Plans Solid Waste Management Master Plans Detailed Engineering Designs and Technical Specifications Sewerage and Drainage Design Environmental Safeguards Documentation Social Safeguard Documentation Preparation of Procurement Documents and Evaluation of Proposals Construction Supervision, Project Management and Quality Control Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Design of Sub-Projects Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Assessments Asbestos Management

Feasibility Study & Detailed Design of Up gradation of Rawal Lake Filtration Plant Rawalpindi

Water and Sanitation Agency Rawalpindi awarded M M Pakistan the contract for Consultancy Services for “Feasibility Study & Detailed Design of Upgradation of Rawal Lake Filtration Plant Rawalpindi”. The contract was signed on 5th of January 2012, with a three months time to complete the study. The consultant is required to identify for Upgradation of water treatment plant compatible to treat the raw water of Rawal Lake.

Implementation Assist and Consultancy Services for National Programme for Improvement of Watercourses in Sindh – Mirpurkhas Region

Assistance in survey, design work and authentication of cost estimates of watercourses. Supervision of construction work. Assurance of quality as per specified standards and designs. Technical assistance and overall coordination of project implementation. Assistance in social mobilization, mass mobilization and awareness campaigns. Organize seminars and workshops for the mass mobilization and awareness campaign. Preparation of the database for the works carried out in the project.

Implementation Assistance and Consultancy Services for National Programme for Improvement of Watercourses in Sindh – Hyderabad

Assistance in survey, design work and authentication of cost estimates of watercourses. Supervision of construction work. Assurance of quality as per specified standards and designs. Technical assistance and overall coordination of project implementation. Assistance in social mobilization, mass mobilization and awareness campaigns. Organize seminars and workshops for the mass mobilization and awareness campaign. Preparation of the database for the works carried out in the project.

Feasibility Study to Divert the Municipal Sewage and the Industrial Effluents Entering the Canal and River System of Peshawar Valley

The Project relates to the mitigation of effluent and solid waste disposal into the canal system of Peshawar Valley. It covers both the Peshawar and Mardan canal circles for a total of seven major irrigation channels. The consultancy service oversees a baseline evaluation of the problem through surveys and mapping, qualitative and quantitative estimation of the wastes through sampling and engineering interventions to divert the pollutants for treatment and safe disposal. The Project concludes with a feasibility report and PC-I to estimate costs for the interventions recommended across the system, including construction of STPs at various locations.

Environmental and Social Due Diligence for LNG Terminal

Meet with the relevant regulators, especially those that are involved with approving the project, giving permits etc. Meet with the affected and nearby communities, solicit first hand views from community members. Review project’s hazard assessment studies in view of the project settings and determine the adequacy of project’s safety measures. Assess the impacts on fishermen and other project affectees, assess the adequacy of project’s compensation plan. Assess impacts on indigenous people, document, if possible presence or absence of indigenous people. Review project site and the nearby areas for any environmental and social issues that the ESIA has not addressed or issues that are not included in the above points.

Solid Waste Management Project in Faisalabad, Punjab on Public Private Partnership Modality

Review of the relevant information Review of the technical aspects of the existing system Gap analysis Case study of NGO (Gold Green) involved in SWM Time and motion study Design parameters

Technical Assistance Management Agency (TAMA) for Punjab Devolved Social Services Programme (PDSSP)

The overall objective is to establish and operate a Technical Assistance Management Agency, located in or close to the Programme Support Unit (PSU) to identify, procure and manage TA inputs and facilitate progress in the PDSSP in three key sectors: Health, Education and Water& Sanitation. TAMA plays a key role in attaining the objectives of the Punjab Devolved Social Services Programme. (PDSSP). The focus of work is at Provincial and District Government – supporting policy development and capacity building for improved service delivery.

Sindh Basic Urban Services Project

Sectoral review, policy and institutional analysis, lessons learned, urban centre selection, detailed poverty assessment, data collection on infrastructure and municipal services delivery. Project planning and design through consultations with stakeholders to reach consensus. Detailed feasibility studies and project design, including project costs, financial and economic analysis, social and resettlement assessment, environmental assessment, capacity building and institutional strengthening and implementation arrangements.

Karachi Water Supply Improvement Project (KWSIP)

Preconstruction stage: Review prev. reports on Hub Treatment Plants and firm-up recommendation; Review preliminary design report on Manghopir Pump Station; Finalise Project. Detailed Design, Geotechnical Investigation, Implementation Programme; Assist Evaluation of Bids. Construction supervision Stage: Provide supervision services; approval of plant design; Provide specialist service; Finalise O&M manual; Supervise operator training programme; Visit to manufacturers. Strengthening KWSB's capabilities commissioning and operation reporting on design completion.

Consultancy Services for Design of Civil Works of Water Supply Schemes in Earthquake Effected Areas of AJK and NWFP

Damages to the Civil Works to water supply schemes in all the 5 districts of effected areas were assessed and assessment report was sent to UNICEF. Damaged Civil Structures to be re-constructed or repair/rehabilitated was designed. Market Surveys were carried out of the area to ascertain the market rates of items and labour. The rates of items of constructions were analysed on the market rates. Estimates were prepared for all the works to be done. B.O.Q were prepared for all the works to be done. Tender conditions, agreement and technical specifications were prepared for all the works to be done.

Feasibility Study for Construction of two lane Highway from Hyderabad-Khokhrapar

Feasibility study and Survey work related to the Hyderabad-Khokhrapar. Proposed alignment of the road. Reconnaissance Survey Geotechnical investigation Topographic Survey Traffic Count Study Proposed Design of Hydraulic and irrigation structures as per site requirements. Draft Feasibility Report Final Feasibility Report

Fact Finding & Recommendation Study on Water Supply and Sewerage System in Karachi

JICA in respond to Pakistan Government’s request to Government of Japan for technical cooperation has decided to undertake Development Study for Karachi Water and Sewerage Master Plan. Towards preparation for a comprehensive study for master planning a preliminary data collection and situation analysis study. Main goal of this Fact Finding Study is to collect and analyse the data and information to improve the present condition of water supply and sewerage service in Karachi. In order to bring those improve the present condition of water and sewerage service in Karachi. In order to bring those improvements, this study analyses existing system including socio-economic, environmental condition and the KWSB’s institutional and financial situation. Special attention to water scarcity and sewerage overflows in slump areas (Katchi Abadis) shall be paid on the humanitarian grounds. Key findings of the study will encompass the plan and strategy of further project activities

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Rawalpindi

Rehabilitation and improvement of rawal lake treatment plant; rehabilitation on conductance main construction of new conductance main rehabilitation of existing tubewells; installation of new tubewells; installation of meters, rehabilitation of priority areas sewerage system, hydrogeological study, Rawalpindi lake catchment study, master plan for sewage and drainage, preparation of development package of next phase.

Punjab Private Sector Groundwater Development Project

The project cover the impact evaluation of drainage tubewells in Punjab Private Sector Groundwater comprising mainly of Physical aspects, impact on cropping pattern, change in land use, water course improvement, impact of canal lining, sociological aspects on financial viability, small farmers, community participation and economic aspects.

PDOHA-Bulk Water Supply Project (New Pumping Main)

The scope of services included the study of various alternatives for protection of existing main, selection of suitable alternative, field investigations, evaluation of existing bulk water supply system, detailed engineering design of the new pipeline, design of inter-connection pipe, preparation of Tender Documents, BoQs, Cost Estimates, recommendation on implementation arrangements, Pre-bid services, contract management and construction supervision

Health, Safety & Environmental Audit (HSE) for Oil & Gas Assets in Pakistan

Privatization Commission of Pakistan wished to sell working interests in nine (9) Oil & Gas concessions, which were in Badin, Upper Indus and Sindh Province. Orient Petroleum Inc. of USA, a prospective buyer, awarded Contract to Mott MacDonald (UK) to carry out HSE Audit of these sites. Mott MacDonald appointed MM Pakistan to undertake this Audit.

Initial Environmental Examination of the White Oil Pipeline of PARCO

Baseline study and IEE were conducted for the new white oil pipeline to be laid from Port Qasim, Karachi to Mehmood Kot’s Mid Country Oil Refinery. The pipeline is 813 Km long may pass through sensitive areas.

Soil and Groundwater Assessment of Depots/Installations/ Airfields

Soil and Groundwater Assessment of Environmental damage due to oil pollution were made and remedial measures were suggested for Depots / installations / airfields of Shell Pakistan, scattered throughout the country.

Hydro-geological Survey for Additional ground-water development at Engro Plan - Daharki, Sindh

The project included Survey to develop a site map Design VES Program & supervise execution Design & supervise test boreholes Design new boreholes

Sindh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Provision of technical assistance to strengthen PHED, Sindh through training and the development of a participatory approach to the implementation of rural water supplies.

Malir Bulk Water Supply

Collection of data and information study existing sources. Preparation of feasible independent bulk water supply system for MDA area after investigation various alternate sources e.g. Indus, Hub, Groundwater, Dumlottee Wells and desalination. Environment Impact of suggested alternate, PC-I, Financing Plan.

Study for the Integrated Development of North East Swat

Study to develop a master plan for rural development including roads, irrigation, water supply, agriculture and social facilities.

Lower Indus R.B. Irrigation and Drainage Project (RBOD)

Construction supervision. MMP provided one ARE on RBOD extension for 24 man-months one Senior Engineer on MRV Drain for 30 man-months and one Senior Engineer on Rato Dero for 27 man-months.

Impact Evaluation of Second Scarp Transition Project (SSTP), Punjab

Impact evaluation of the SSTP involving long term monitoring of groundwater levels and salinity and evaluation to determine the effect of tubewell privatisation.

Waste Minimization and Cost Effective Treatment - Seminar

A 2-day training course conducted on waste minimization and cost effectiveness treatment in Lahore.

Environmental Baseline Studies, Kirthar Range, Dadu, Sindh

Environmental baseline study of proposed oil and gas exploration and production concession area. Involved surveys of land, water, soil and agricultural resources. Feasibility study.

Socio-Economic Study for Korangi Sewerage and Wastewater Management Project

The field study was conducted to formulate alternative livelihood package for agricultural workers who might be affected by the project. Also, Social survey of Korangi and Landhi townships were conducted to assess the willingness to pay for improved sanitation facilities

Preparation of Lahore Solid Waste Management Plan through PSP

MCL intended to enter into a performance contract with a Private Sector firm for the Lahore Solid Waste Management, including waste collection, street sweeping, drains cleaning, composting and landfilling as well as incineration for a period of 5 years. A comprehensive proposal was prepared for solid waste management of Lahore city including collection and recycling and disposal. Prepared plan for Lahore city for a zonal collection of solid waste management system on daily basis.

Parco Mid Country Oil Refinery EIA Project

Factual report on applicable law and policies, factual report on available data on environment quality and development within range of 15 Km. Attend to comments by Client, write comprehensive EIA, chapter and survey provide guidance to client's team during its visit to Pakistan, advise SE&C on specific questions.

ECF - Post Flood Rehabilitation and Protection Project

Production of 20 Tax Report Assist PMU of Development projects in Asia which receive assistance from European Commission, aimed at strengthening local ownership of these projects and fostering a democratic transparent and accountable environment.

ICI - PTA Plant Water Supply Main - Port Qasim

Construction Supervision of a 51 Km Water Supply Pipeline at Port Qasim.

D.G. Khan Rural Area Development Project

Rural Area Development: Social aspects; Irrigation Engineering; Watershed Management; Livestock; Rural Roads; Environmental Aspects.

Lahore Urban Drainage Construction Supervision Consultancy

Construction management, supervision quality control, certification of work. Monthly reporting on overall progress, contractors resources, details of material at site and status of payment.

Strengthening of Environmental Management for Water Resources Projects (WAPDA)

Institutional strengthening of the WAPDA environmental cell. Environmental and GIS training and the development approaches to environmental assessment.

Water Loss Reduction

Preparation of CAP TAL works programme for distribution system improvement. River institutional strengthening plan.

Leak Detection Study

Evaluated the potential to reduce leakage by developing and active leakage control policy. The main feature was pilot test area on which the economic benefits of different methods of control were assessed. Training was a major component of the project covering all aspects required to develop, establish and maintain a leakage control policy.

Environmental Study for Lahore Ring Road, Punjab

Assessment of the environmental impact of the proposed Lahore Ring Road to deflect external and cross city traffic away from the areas of the city.

Pakistan Sectoral Environment Assessment (National Drainage Programme)

Nationwide examination of environmental issues (water quality, health, wildlife) related to existing land drainage practice; identification of developments in drainage and corresponding measures to avoid adverse environmental impact. Study and training.