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Multidisciplinary Engineering Development and Management Consultancy

Transportation Projects

BRT Peshawar - Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor – Project Design Advance

Design and Construction Supervision of BRT Peshawar.

Project Management Consultancy Services for Balance Work of “Islamabad International Airport Project”

Services Key Outputs is as: Establishing Baseline of the project current status Resolution of conflict / Issues plan Development of revised master plan Management & supervision of old contract packages Development, management and supervision of new contract package Contracts administration and management Testing, commissioning of systems

Feasibility Study & detailed design of new 4- lane express way starting from Korai on Indus highway N-55 (Km 930+00) traversing through different towns crossing Indus river at Kala Bagh( Mianwali) connecting Pindigeb Fatehjang and terminating at Bahtar Ba

Data collection and coordination with relevant departments for SOP maps. • Reconnaissance visit and Inception Report. • EIA Report preparation and submission to the client through lead partner with identification of the problematic areas. • Hydrology study and hydraulics of major rivers with execution of following tasks for study: • Location and extents of the catchments area. • High Flood level. • Maximum Peak Flood Discharge • Maximum velocity • Type of bed material • Waterway • Structure profile validation

Traffic Improvement at Marrir Chowk through addition of Two Lanes on either side of Murree Road under Railway Bridge, Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) intended to Improve the Traffic at Marrir Chowk through Addition of Two Lanes on Either Side of Murre Road under Railway Bridge, Rawalpindi on a very fast track basis at cost of Rs. 429.500 – Mllion under Annual Development Programme (ADP) 2011-12 8 2012-13. The Murree Road is passing through the heart of the city and connects with Islamabad on one side and cantonment on the other end. The road is hub of commercial activities in the city. The road is the busiest one in the city and traffic congestion problems are experienced ever since. The project includes construction of 2 additional lanes on either side of Murree Road under Railway Bridge at Marrir Chowk and subsequently construction of widened Railway bridge of two span s (82feet each) Steel Bridge. Overall objectives of the project were: Reduce road traffic congestion on this important highway; Reduce traffic delays and travel time; lmprove traffic circulation in general; Improve road network in the city of Rawalpindi; and Enhance the economic and environmental conditions of the city.

Feasibility Study of Resettlement Site for the Revival of Karachi Circular Railway Project

Develop a study covering all the aspects viz social, environmental, engineering etc. related to the resettlement of the PAPs at Resettlement site. Topographic survey of the resettlement site Market price of the land in the radius of about 5 kms Geotechnical Investigation Host Population Survey Land cover or Land-use Survey of Water Resources & Drainage patterns Infrastructure Inventory Survey in the Vicinity Resettlement Site Development Plan Reports pertaining to the above mentioned services

Feasibility Study and Transaction Advisory Services - Hyderabad-Badin Road

Government of Sindh sought to develop Hyderabad Badin Road Project and engaged MM Pakistan to conduct Feasibility Study and Transaction Advisory Services. The project is to be executed in Public Private Participation mode. It is a 100 km road which starts from southern side of Hyderabad city, runs through District of Tando Mohammad Khan and ends at Badin District.

Third Party Monitoring of Road Sector Development Project in Sindh

Government of Sindh sought to Extent the Third Party Monitoring of road sector project in the province of the selected schemes exsicuted before 30th of September with respect to their physical anf financial progress with respect to design parameters, specifications and quality of work. It is a distributed in five different districts and a total of 18 schemes having total length of 833.58 Km. in length.

Preparation Of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy for Pakistan Railways

The policy framework will include: A comprehensive PPP policy document for the rail sector A proposed framework for PPP development in the rail sector covering: Procedures for implementation of policy including interaction with the private sector, other GOP organizations and capacity building for PPP procurement Mechanisms including legal and regulatory requirements which would be required to facilitate PPPs in the rail sector A risk framework for PPP projects in the rail sector A financial framework for PPP projects in the rail sector Relevant operating, design and service standards The essential elements of rail focussed model contracts A list of selected and ranked potential rail PPP projects Other relevant aspects including institutional and approval arrangements, dispute resolution procedures An implementation plan covering the next 2-3 years.

Rawalpindi Ring Road-2 City Circle

Project Feasibility study and design for Rawalpindi Ring Road city boulevard 56 km road.

Technical Review of Developer’s Bid on Dualization of Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Road

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit of Finance Department appointed MM Pakistan to review the Developer’s Bid for dualisation of existing 67 km long road connecting Hyderabad city and Mirpurkhas passing through Tando Jam and Tando Allahyar Towns. This tolled road is to be constructed, operated and maintained on Build, Operate and Transfer basis for a concession period of 20-30 years. Consultants services included the following: Developer’s technical proposal review. Review of design criteria. Review of traffic projections. Review cost data and basis of the proposal. Comments on proposal conditions. Analysis / comments of technical and financial capability of the developer. Financial review. Technical review of concession agreement.

Lahore – Faisalabad Dual Carriageway Project-BOT-2

The services include detailed engineering comprising of topographic survey, capacity analysis, traffic analysis and forecasting phases, hydraulic design, structural design, financial and economical analysis, cost estimation and construction supervision. The work of construction supervision is in progress.

Feasibility Study for Construction of two lane Highway from Hyderabad-Khokhrapar

Feasibility study and Survey work related to the Hyderabad-Khokhrapar. Proposed alignment of the road. Reconnaissance Survey Geotechnical investigation Topographic Survey Traffic Count Study Proposed Design of Hydraulic and irrigation structures as per site requirements. Draft Feasibility Report Final Feasibility Report

Construction Supervision and Design of Three Pilot Rural Roads, Yemen

The project components include significant local participation and consultation in the planning and road maintenance processes. The project will also set the basis for the establishment of institutional frameworks and capacity building to support decentralized management of rural access improvements. The duration of the projects is 14 months in which pilot design and construction of three road segments is involved. They are: Detailed Design Al Taffa-Awin Road (33 km) Al Turbah-Tor Al Baha (18 km) Khamis Bani Saad Al Mahwit (30km) Al Camb-Maqbanah (22 km) Supervision AlTurbah-Tor AlBahah Road (8.9km) Al Taffa-Awin (42 km)

Construction Supervision Consultancy Services Contract Khamis Bani Sa’ad Al Kuta’a Road Project (Yemen)

The project components include significant local participation and consultation in the planning and road maintenance processes. The project will also set the basis for the establishment of institutional frameworks and capacity building to support decentralized management of rural access improvements. The duration of the project is 12 months involving Construction Supervision of Khamis Bani Sa’ad Al-Kuta’a Road Project (10 km).

Design Consultancy of Ruwi - Wadi Kabir Link Road

Appropriate surveys to study ground configurations etc. Socio-economic investigations, benefits of the project Environmental impact of the project Traffic studies as needed and the Geometric design of the selected road route Structural design of all structures in the project Cost estimates, BOQs, Contract Documents, embankment design and Drawings Assist the Client in award of construction contractors. Plantation along the Link Road

Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Pir Wadhai Bridge Over Nullah Lai

The bridge was completely washed out during 2001 flood. The bridge was designed and constructed to increase the water way capacity & to provide safe access facility on both sides of Nullah. The bridge comprises of 3 spans with total length of 72 km. The bridge superstructure consists of RCC deck slab supported on 8 pre-stressed concrete girders. The sub structure consists of transom supported by 5 piers. Walkway of 1.5m wide is provided on both sides of bridge for pedestrian facility. Approach ramp & underpass have also been provided for smooth traffic flow.

Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Dhok Chiragh Din Bridge

The existing bridge was in a very dilapidated condition and flood water of Lai Nullah overtopped the bridge during very high flood period of year 2001. One of its abutment and approach ramp was in constant threat of flood damage. The bridge is redesigned and constructed to increase the waterway capacity and to prove safe access facility on both sides of Nullah. The bridge comprises of 3 spans with total length of 68 m and is skewed at an angle of 38º (Right face). The bridge superstructure consists of RCC deck slab supported on 4 pre-stressed concrete girders. The substructure consist of transom supported by 2 piers. Walkway of 1.5 m is provided on right side of bridge for pedestrian facility. Approach ramp and under pass have also been provided for smooth traffic flow.

Design and Top Supervision of Roads under Big Cities Package for Rawalpindi

The scope of services included the topographic survey, soil investigations for pavement design/evaluation, geometric designs, pavement designs, relocation/accommodation of utilities services, typical construction details and specifications etc.

Design of interchange at Zero point, Islamabad

Topographic survey, geotechnical investigations, flyover design including slip roads at Zero point, Islamabad

Detailed Design, Construction Supervision and Project Management of 156 Km of Rawalpindi Roads Project

The project included extensive Topographic Surveys, Road Condition Evaluation Surveys, Soil Surveys, and Traffic Studies. All work were carried out with minimum hindrance to the running traffics. Pavement Designs and improvement of the drainage conditions were carried out. Shifting and relocation of utilities ware also planned and executed with arrangements causing minimum disruptions. Construction was planned to be Supervision with Quality Assurance on specification and time schedules.

Lahore Ring Road re-alignment Project.

Feasibility study, traffic survey and selection of new proposed route for Lahore ring road for private sector participation.

Technical Assistance for Quality Assurance

Secondment of Highway Engineer to MM Jakarta for assignment for D.G. Highway (Bina Marga) Technical Assistance services to Quality Assurance Unit.

Pakistan Motorway - Bridge Remedial Works

Investigation of foundation and damage to a bridge on Motorway near Chakwal being built by M/s Daewoo.

Pakistan Motorway Project - Bridge BD12C5 and BD12C6

Design of rehabilitation works on bridge in salt range and construction supervision of remodelling works.

Design Vetting and Construction Supervision of Bridges on KKH

The Project comprised the Design Vetting and Construction Supervision of bridges on Karakoram Highway (Mansehra to Khunjrab 806 km). The Karakoram Highway was construction through difficult mountainous terrain, NHA wants to construct new bridges to replace the temporary structures so as to increase the load carrying capacity there of and provide safety to the traffic.

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Karakoram Highway (Mansehra-Chillas Section 316 Km)

Topographic survey, Landslides control measures, Geotechnical investigations, Traffic studies, pavement design, Geometric design, hydrological study, structural designing, bridges, culverts and rating and preparation of tender documents. The environmental studies carried out by the firm are: Land use, noise and vibration, air quality, soil stability, water quality, impact assessment Flora and Fauna, social, landscape and visual impact assessment.

Detailed Design of Ring Road and Network Planning for Guided DevUelopment

Network planning, selection of Ring Road and major arterial, geotechnical investigation, detailed design of Ring Road, Acq. plan for major arterial road future land use.

Design of Key Hole Access Road Bridge and Location

Preparation of design & specification for the Doti Road to North Bank Tidal Link and South Bank to Key Hole # 1. Geotechnical investigation and Conceptual Design of a Bridge Over Tidal Link.

Gulabad Bridge Training Works (Kabul River)

This is an existing bridge on one of the arms of Kabul River. It experienced damages a number of times due to inadequate protection works for the bridge structure. Proper protection works were required.

Design and Construction Supervision of Underpasses

Topographic survey, soil investigation, design, cost estimates for RGH and Committee Chowks.

Lahore Ring Road Feasibility Study and Detailed Design

Assessment of present situation on the Project and Presentation of Progress and future action, preparation and design of a project document summarizing key features of the project, review of existing studies and preparation of a brief project digest from them.

Feasibility Study of Grade Seperation Facility at Faisal Chowk Davis / Avari Crossing Mall Road Lahore

Project included the assessment of alternate designs and specifically grade separation facility, having carried out detailed traffic analysis, preliminary engineering feasibility and economic analysis of the proposed scheme.

Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design of Lahore Ring Road

Feasibility study and detailed design of Lahore Ring Road to deflect external and cross city traffic away from the central areas of the city.

Islamabad - Peshawar Motorway Project

Advisory services on hydraulic aspects of the design of the motorway.

Environmental Study for Lahore Ring Road, Punjab

Assessment of the environmental impact of the proposed Lahore Ring Road to deflect external and cross city traffic away from the areas of the city.

Detailed Design of Bridges and Flyovers on LRR ? Railway Crossing near Ferozepur Road ? Niaz Baig, Multan Road ? Bridges on Waterways

Study and detailed design of appropriate flyovers and bridges to avoid direct crossing, traffic conflict and accidents, on the new alignment of the Lahore Ring Road. Bridges included flyovers on Railway crossings and Multan Road and Bridges on Canal / Waterways and drains.

Advisory Consultancy Services for the Training of River Chenab from Marala to Alexandra Bridge

Advised on river training works being undertaken to arrest erosion on the right bank of the river to save the villages.